HydraFacial Syndeo®

Procedure time
30 - 60 mins
Duration of results
Frequency Dependent
Side effects
Sessions required
Concern Dependent
Discomfort level
Low to None
From £109

HydraFacial Syndeo®

For some of us, the prospect of having skin treatments involving needles or ablative methods can be scary. However, we may feel that our skin needs a helping hand when it comes to cleansing, exfoliation and intensive moisturisation.

At Leicester MediSpa, we are dedicated to offering all our patients, luxury non-surgical treatments. If you are someone who wants more than a simple facial but aren’t happy to endure any form of discomfort or cosmetic downtime from an aesthetic treatment, HydraFacial may be just the solution. The HydraFacial Syndeo® transcends conventional surface-level facials by merging the benefits of hydradermabrasion, chemical peels, and hydrating serums into one rejuvenating procedure.

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What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an award-winning system which offers medical-grade hydradermabrasion for deep cleansing and exfoliation, pain-free extraction, intensive hydration and protection from environmental pollutants using powerful antioxidants; an all-in-one pain-free lunchtime treatment.

The results are luminous, hydrated, glass smooth and more toned skin with no uncomfortable side-effects or downtime. HydraFacial is so gentle yet effective, it’s the perfect treatment to have before a special event.

A HydraFacial is suitable for most skin types, colours and conditions. A HydraFacial treatment is the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing experience.

How does the HydraFacial Syndeo® system work?

HydraFacial utilises patented vortex action technology to deeply cleanse the skin, extracting any impurities, in preparation for effective absorption of specialised moisturising products. These products contain ‘super-skin boosters’ such as hyaluronic acid (HA), salicylic acid, green tea extract, arnica flower extract, willow bark extract, red algae extract, zinc, copper, magnesium, peptides and super-charged antioxidants.

This tailored combination of powerful skin substances intensely hydrates, revitalises and heals skin damage caused by the natural ageing process, chronic skin conditions and outside elements such as environmental pollution, toxins and sun exposure commonly known as free radicals. Free radicals prevent skin cells from functioning properly, causing our skin to deteriorate over time. The most natural defence against free radical damage is antioxidants – they neutralise free radicals, restoring and protecting skin from damage. Hydrafacial not only removes surface damage such as dead skin cells and impurities, but also replenishes the skin with antioxidants.

HydraFacial Syndeo® treatments

Core is a quick yet effective treatment, taking around 30 minutes. Cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin through a blend of serums filled with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Perfect for a lunchtime skin ‘pick-me-up’.

Deluxe is the ultimate experience in skin hydration and rejuvenation, taking around 45 minutes. This luxurious facial combines the power of hydradermabrasion, deep cleansing, and nourishing serums to give your skin a radiant and refreshed appearance.

The HydraFacial Syndeo® Deluxe treatment includes a customised blend of serums to address your unique skincare concerns. The treatment is completed using professional strength LED light therapy to treat skin from within, for a relaxing and revitalising end to your treatment and a myriad of healing and rejuvenating skin benefits.

Platinum Indulge in the pinnacle of skincare excellence with our HydraFacial Syndeo® platinum treatment, delivering ultimate skin rejuvenation. The HydraFacial Platinum treatment includes all the benefits of our Deluxe treatment, enhanced with lymphatic drainage.

Begin with soothing Lymphatic Drainage to reduce puffiness and provide the appearance of lifting and contouring, whilst detoxifying the skin. Next, reveal smooth texture and vibrant skin clarity with a purifying cleanse, gentle chemical peel, and pain-free extractions using patented Vortex-Fusion technology.

Finally, targeted boosters and LED therapy enhance results for personalised skin concerns, and the treatment concludes by bathing the skin with nourishing hydration and antioxidants for the ultimate glow. The ultimate gold standard Hydrafacial experience!

Hydrafacial® Perk Eye™ – Hydrates & brightens the eyes for a refreshed and renewed look. Apply the take home serum twice daily.

HydraFacial Syndeo® Back – Our clarifying back protocol is specially designed to target the often-neglected skin on your back and shoulders. This deep-cleansing and exfoliating treatment helps to clear congestion, reduce breakouts, and improve overall skin texture. It’s the ideal solution for those looking to achieve smooth, clear and beautiful skin from head to toe.

HydraFacial Syndeo® Keravive – A Hydrafacial for the scalp! Keravive uses the innovative, non-invasive technology of Hydrafacial to deliver premium exfoliation, moisture and nutrients to hair follicles—to create an optimal environment for natural hair growth over time.

HydraFacial Boosters

  • JLO Beauty® – Improves the appearance of skin by tightening, brightening, and hydrating, helping soften and smooth while improving suppleness for a dewy glow.
  • Murad® Vita-C – Accelerates surface renewal and minimises the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation for dramatically brighter, smoother, healthier- looking skin.
  • ReGen GF™ – Regenerative peptides mimic growth factors to promote healthier-looking skin. Designed to boost collagen and elastin production, diminishing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Murad® Retinol – Accelerates skin surface renewal & instantly plumps to visibly minimise the look of wrinkles, even tone & boost youthful radiance.
  • NassifMD® Hydraglucan™ – A proprietary cocktail of ingredients hydrates, rejuvenates & protects the skin. Restores plumpness, radiance & addresses the visible signs of ageing.

Hydrafacial® Perk Lip™ – A refreshing treatment that exfoliates, hydrates & plumps the lips. Apply the take home serum twice daily.

Frequently asked questions

Which skin conditions can be treated with a HydraFacial treatment?

  • General skin ageing (fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity/firmness)
  • Dehydration and dryness
  • Dull complexion
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Hyperpigmentation, sun damage
  • Oily, congested or acne-prone skin

Which areas can HydraFacial treat?

A HydraFacial treatment can treat a wide range of skin concerns, on both the face and the body. Hydrabody provides Hydrafacial® results for skin concerns on the back, booty, arms, legs, chest & hands.

However, the most popular treatment areas are the face, neck and décolletage. For patients who have ageing hands, brides-to-be or anyone who experiences dryness of the skin on the hands, a HydraFacial treatment for this area can be extremely effective to reduce lines and wrinkles and to nourish and replenish the skin on the hands.

Am I suitable for HydraFacial treatments?

As HydraFacial is non-invasive and extremely relaxing and gentle, with no recovery time or visible side-effects, most individuals can benefit from treatment.
However, before we agree to undertake any treatment, here at Leicester MediSpa, we will ensure a pre-treatment consultation and medical history check are performed, to ensure that there are no contraindications which may prevent or restrict the treatment from going ahead.

What are the contraindications to HydraFacial?

As HydraFacial is a very gentle and pain-free treatment, most patients will be able to enjoy it. However, there are some contraindications which could restrict certain stages of the treatment or prevent the treatment from going ahead.

Contraindications include :

  • Pregnancy & breast feeding
  • Active rash, sunburn and very severe acne
  • Use of Roaccutane (within 12 months)
  • Aspirin, honey and shellfish allergy

Which HydraFacial treatment is best for me?

Your skin is as unique as a snowflake and your HydraFacial treatment will be tailored to your specific skincare needs and requirements. The topical products that we choose will be bespoke to treat your specific skin type and concerns, and your experienced Leicester MediSpa practitioner will be able to change the formulations for each treatment, as your skin improves.

At Leicester MediSpa, we recommend one HydraFacial per month as maintenance for optimum results, you may find that with the changing seasons or any medical or hormonal changes to your body, your skin may have different needs. HydraFacial is so versatile, it can be fine-tuned to your specific needs, each and every time.

What happens during the HydraFacial treatment?

There are 6 steps to a HydraFacial treatment:
1 – Detox – the unique lymphatic drainage step of HydraFacial increases circulation and eliminates any toxins from the skin.
2 – Cleanse & exfoliate – impurities and dead skin cells are gently suctioned away using a hand-held vortex device. The skin is cleansed like never before, and prepared for the absorption of specific topical applications.
3 – Brightening – a gentle glycolic and salicylic serum is applied to the skin to loosen dirt and debris from your pores. This step also gives a brightening effect to help your skin glow.
4 – Extraction – excess oils, impurities and black heads are extracted from the skin in an extremely gentle method, using honey extract and salicylic acid.
5 – Hydration – a combination of specific moisture-infused hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants are applied directly to your skin to intensely hydrate and replenish and your skin.
6 – Rejuvenation – LED light is applied, helping to stimulate new collagen and reduce redness, leaving your skin soft, fresh and glowing.

Treatment Price?

Hydrafacial Syndeo Prices

SingleCourse of 3Course of 6Course of 12
30 mins
(£99 each)
(£95 each)
(£88 each)
Inc 10 mins LED
Choice of Britenol/Dermabuilder Booster
(£126 each)
(£116 each)
(£108 each)
Platinum (inc. Neck)
Inc 10 mins LED
Lymphatic drainage
Choice of any Booster
(£159 each)
(£149 each)
(£133 each)
Add on:
Perk EYE / LIP £40
Keravive Scalp£350
Hydrafacial Back£250

Before & Afters

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HydraFacial treatment

Our highly skilled medical practitioners have a crucial understanding of your specific skincare needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on creating subtle yet effective results, enhancing your natural features.

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